The idea was if you were going to buy a T-shirt and necklace, you would be proud of the fact you actually did something.

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On Access Hollywood Live, Wilmer Valderrama talks about charity and explains how This Helps works to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.


We believe that if everyone had the opportunity to, they would be involved in conscious consumerism. Not just buying something for the sake of vanity or trend but buying something that also has a positive impact on the world. 

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June 17, 2014


We’re excited to announce the change from This Shirt Helps to just This Helps because of all of the new incredible possibilities it creates.  The original idea for This Shirt Helps was to give people an easy way to participate in positive change by selling great, high quality basics that everyone already needs and where every purchase helped a worthy cause. When you purchased a shirt, a child got to go to school for a month, or someone received access to clean water, or an animal was saved, or three trees were planted So far, with our awesome, comfy great fitting shirts we’ve already helped change thousands of lives. 

But what we’ve been thinking all along is…  Why stop at shirts? 


When you purchase something, ANYTHING from This Helps, you choose to help an organization to do something that matters.


This Helps. Not just shirts anymore.

Trees have been planted, animals have been saved, drinking water and education have been provided, all thanks to your purchases! We have a new product coming VERY soon... stay tuned.

This Shirt Helps was a proud production partner for Movember's 2013 campaign!  Sign up today at and helps support Mens Health Research!  And buy awesome Movember products to show your support and spread awareness at the Movember Store.

The TSH section at Fred Segal Santa Monica is looking amazing.  Thanks to our team for putting it together!

Check out the cool limited edition This Bracelet Helps we just launched.  They may be small but they still all help the charity of your choice in a big way.  Each color represents one of our awesome causes!

Christian Troy from Waves for Water just returned to Haiti recently and he sent us this note so I wanted to share!

"Hey, guys!
Just spent the day in that very same community near St. Marc (Beaufour) where we distributed the GameChanger Buckets in 2011.
Checked on the filters and saw some familiar faces.
Cool to see the systems all still intact.
Your TSH funds continue to have gone to good use!"

We all make a difference ;)

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