The Idea Behind THIS HELPS [VIDEO]


The idea for This Shirt Helps [now This Helps] was to create a brand that had a social component to it in which every single item purchased contributed to a worthy cause. When looking into all the causes, the numbers were so daunting and pretty overwhelming. 

There's almost a billion people that go hungry every year; approximately 50 million in the United States, there's almost a billion people that don't have access to clean water... How do we help ALL OF THESE PEOPLE? We had to stop and look at it in a different way. "What can we do to help 1 person? 1 person is a great start! What can we do to help 5 people? 10 people?"
We called the organizations that we were contributing to and asked them specifically what we can do on a smaller scale. We were given amazing statistics; we found out that with 1 shirt sold we can provide 20 children with meals! 1 shirt sold provided someone in the world clean water for 1 year! 1 shirt sold saved 8 animals from getting euthanized! 1 shirt sold planted 10 trees in reforestation projects! 

We believe that if everyone had the opportunity to, they would be involved in conscious consumerism. Not just buying something for the sake of vanity or trend but buying something that also has a positive impact on the world. 

Joe Huff
Joe Huff


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