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While normal people go on holiday to rest and relax, we're always on the look out for ways to help improve lives.  That's why when we went to Bali over Christmas and New Years, we mostly skipped the beaches and instead headed to the slums right inside Seminyak and Kuta to help with a slum school being set up.  Normally, women in these communities have their children beg on the streets preventing them from getting an education and furthering the cycle of poverty.  Slum schools are schools where the women are given jobs making crafts we can sell but they can only work if they have their children in the classroom all day, breaking that cycle.  Here are some pictures from our trip..

Here's one of the mothers sewing on one side of the room

While the kids are being taught on the other side of the room..

Man, these kids wanted to learn so bad.  They were beyond focused.

And here's one of the mothers who wasn't participating that we were speaking to about the conditions there.  She lives inside the 8 x 8 space in the doorway right behind her.  

Hopefully we can provide some education and some opportunity so we can break this vicious cycle.



Joe Huff
Joe Huff


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