This Shirt Helps... Bali Part 2

While we were in Bali, we decided to take a ride out to a rescue center for victims of sex trafficking and see how we could help. It's so incredibly dangerous to rescue or aid sex trafficking victims because of the lack of laws and violent backlash from the trafficking rings.  So dangerous in fact they made our Balinese driver drop us off an hour away from the secret location in the jungle and then blindfolded us for the better part of that hour so we wouldn't know where we had gone.

Once there, we hiked through the jungle to find a woman living in a small thatched hut with her two children who only had newspaper for walls..

It was rainy season so we brought her plastic tarpaulin to cover her walls so they wouldn't leak.  We hope this helped her through the season!  #dowhatyoucanwhereyouare


Joe Huff
Joe Huff


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