About This Helps

At This Helps we believe what matters most is what you do to help others.

In 2011 This Shirt Helps™ was created as a platform to harness the power of consumer purchases to give individuals and organizations the ability to raise funds. What we do is simple.  We sell awesome t-shirts at reasonable prices, and donate a portion of the sale to a non-profit organization that is doing real, measurable good in the world.

We let you know up-front exactly how much good you’ll be doing with your purchase: one shirt equals one year of clean water for one person, for example, or one animal saved, or three trees planted.  When you buy a shirt, you can choose the cause your purchase will support.

In 2014 This Shirt Helps became This Helps with the purpose of offering a variety of products.


Please check out our video to hear some examples of what just one shirt purchase can do!